Latest News:

  1. See the latest Press Release 12/04/2013 here..
    Press Release and in pdf format here PDF

  2. Version 1.0.06 Submitted to the Wondows Store on 10/04/2013 has passed Certification and will be relased later today 11/04/2013
    The latest version includes support for real-time live tile and toast notifications, a fix for the changes made by smartbrief and some minor cosmetic changes.

  3. Upcoming Features - Live tiles
    Development has started on the next release of Diabetes News which will include support for Live Tiles. The application will show the lastest 5 article titles. See the latest feed.... Latest Feed Updates

  4. Diabetes News now available in Windows Store!!
    The latest version of Diabetes News passed Store Certification on 26/03/2013 and became listed on the store at 16:30 today!.

  5. Version
    The latest version of Diabetes News was submitted for Windows Store Certification on 24/03/2013. The latest version includes detection for Articles which are spread over a number of pages and performance optimisation when moving between articles.

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